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Who we are

The Art of Fabric

Excellence, craftsmanship, and a distinctive style characterise Marlane. Our expertise is combined with cutting-edge technology, creating timeless creations. Innovation and research are at the heart of every thread we produce, expressing passion and a constant commitment to excellence. In a dynamic context, Marlane anticipates trends, blending style, quality, and futuristic vision. Explore the magic of our work.

Quick Service

Hundreds of fabrics with a “Never Out of Stock” service:
immediate availability of significant lengths and guaranteed colour continuity.
From ready-to-wear to tailoring, with fabrics also perfect for uniform projects, ready for shipping within 24-48 hours

Unparalleled Performance

The uniqueness of Marlane fabrics lies in the balance between tradition and modernity. Craftsmanship combined with exclusive fibres ensures longevity and sophistication for every occasion. The combination of expertise and innovation allows us to offer unique solutions, where every detail speaks of passion and excellence.

By uniting artisanal mastery and innovation, we offer unsurpassed quality and a unique style, suitable for every occasion and need. Each creation reflects the excellence and passion for detail.


Our Process

Our commitment


Ethics and environmental respect guide our choices. We aspire to a production that positively contributes to the ecosystem. The aspiration for excellence is integrated with daily research for a sustainable future. Our dedication goes beyond the product: it is reflected in our contribution to the world. Discover how we take care of our Planet.