Technology at the service of style

Technowool is the pinnacle of Marlane’s high-performance fabric selection. With excellent abrasion resistance, waterproof and super elastic, these fabrics represent the evolution of fashion. Thanks to Cordura yarns, Technowool offers the opportunity to develop unique, versatile, and dynamic garments. Every detail is designed to ensure functionality and style in every circumstance.

The comfort of Wool
the performance of Nylon

Technowool is a fabric born for the challenge.
Thanks to the strong component of technological research, know-how and production quality, Technowool is ready for anything. Modern fabric, composed of Wool, CORDURA® Combat WoolTM and Elastane, has greater resistance to tearing and abrasion. Highly resistant and stretchy, with unique comfort and fit characteristics. Feeling good, tidy and at ease in every situation. A fabric that follows the movement of the body, breathable to be worn all day. Technowool accepts challenges and wins them.


Relaxed elegance and supreme comfort


The contemporary classic